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Did you know the temperature of the earth/soil increases the further you dig? Did you know the temperature just a few feet below the ground barely changes throughout the year?  This underground temperature is between and 45 and 75 Fahrenheit depending on your location. Ground source heat pumps, direct use geothermal technologies, and enhanced geothermal systems are taking advantage of these facts to provide clean and affordable energy.

Constant ground temperatures and a system of buried pipes makes all of this possible. During the winter time, these pipes use the soil’s relatively higher temperature to transfer heat into the house; during the summer time, the pipes absorb the heat from your home and transfer it into the ground where it cools down. Further benefits include:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Potential Federal tax credits
  • Quiet operation
  • Sustainable investment over time
  • Heating, cooling and water heating within one unit

Embrace this traditional way of harnessing Mother Earth’s energy and receive a one year limited warranty on heat pump units and a 50-year limited warranty on the underground pipes. Read more about the different type of technologies here:

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