4 Simple Ways to Maximize Your AC Unit’s Efficiency

It’s getting hot out there! Most of use have already reached for the thermostat to try and stave off the heat and humidity, but the idea of expensive energy bills doesn’t look too attractive. Poor air flow caused by dirty condensers and old filters can make your AC Unit (and wallet) work harder.

Keep Those Filters Clean

Changing your air filter in your forced air system is one of the simplest and most overlooked ways to boost your efficiency and the air quality in your home. Clogged and dirty filters heavily restrict the flow of air around your home, making your AC unit push the air harder to reach the same temperature goal. According to Engergy.gov, dirty filters can increase energy consumption up to 15%! For central air conditioners, filters are generally located within the return duct near a wall or ceiling between the air conditioner and the room itself.

Blocked Condenser Creates Blocked Efficiency

The compressor and condenser are located in your outdoor unit, typically on the side of your home. After hot air is pulled out of your home, these guys will refrigerate the air to make it nice and cool while keeping your home at that perfect temperature. If your outdoor condenser or condenser fan gets clogged, airflow will restrict and much like your filter it causes your system to use much more energy and take longer to dissipate heat. If you suspect your air conditioning condenser is clogging, take a look at your outdoor unit. If there is a lot of dust, dirt and other debris stuck to the sides this could be a likely culprit.  Although, you will want to have a trained professional clean it to ensure it is done safely, properly and maintains any of your warranties.

Keep Your Curtains and Blinds Closed During the Day

This might seem too simple to work, but it does! When direct sunlight hits your windows, the heat is able to transfer into your home. While this is a lovely fact of nature during the winter, in the summer it’s no good. Closing curtains, blinds or shutters can help block these rays from reaching inside your home and reflect the heat back into the great outdoors.

Turn Your Thermostat Up While You’re Out

While you’re out and about at work or running errands, turn your AC up a few degrees (or off completely if acceptable). This will keep you from paying to cool air no one will get a change to enjoy. When you return, set it back at your preferred level and enjoy the air. As a bonus tip, we don’t recommend ‘cranking’ or ‘blasting’ your AC to make your home cool faster, this just causes you to use more energy to cool to a lower temperature, but at the same rate.