Furnace Inspection

When it comes to furnace service and installation, Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning is not only considerate of your physical comfort, but also your time and your property. We’ve made scheduling easier for you with 2-hour windows, which means less waiting. Call Doug’s anytime — including holidays and weekends — for emergency repair service, or set up an appointment to review personalized replacement options.

Customers respect and trust Doug’s staff for quality work as well as their courteous clean-up skills. A 10-year warranty on furnace parts installed by factory-trained technicians provides yet another advantage.

Featuring the York Affinity Furnace

Furnaces have advanced beyond simple on-or-off heating. The York Affinity Furnace features variable speeds to provide the highest comfort level and efficiency possible. With quiet, steady circulation of air, the Affinity’s air quality options reduce particles and allergens, making your home a healthier place to live.

The high-efficiency models keep fuel bills low and help preserve the environment. While these furnaces reduce your energy footprint, they also offer a compact size to help conserve space in your home. The York Affinity Furnaces can be paired with whole-home humidifiers and air quality systems to ensure a healthier home.

When updating your furnace, let Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning show you the virtues of the York Affinity with EnergyStar® designation.

What temperature is too cold for a house?

February 23, 2022

Many people in the Quad Cities have had minor (and major) freak-outs upon looking at our heating bills this winter, particularly those who use natural gas, which is most people in this area. As KWQC warned in October, later verified by the Quad City Times, and the final proof in those heating bills that triggered…

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Meet Francisco Troche

January 19, 2022

How time flies! It has been almost nine years since Francisco joined the team at Doug’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Francisco started working for us as an installer in 2014, right out of trade school. After he graduated from Moline High School, Francisco went to the Midwest Technical Institute. When he finished there, he joined…

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Can an old furnace explode, and how can I tell if my furnace is dying?

November 20, 2021

Fireworks are fun outside, not so much indoors! Do you have to worry about your furnace causing indoor fireworks? The short answer is, not likely. Heating fires are more often caused by space heaters than furnaces. Modern furnaces have too many safeguards in place, so explosions are not something most people should worry about. Even…

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What takes more energy? Heating or Cooling?

April 23, 2021

Both heating and cooling requires energy and drives the utility bill, but curious minds may ask: Which of the two require more energy?

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Programmable Thermostats (Opportunities and Limitations)

February 22, 2021

Programmable thermostats are known to help create a comfortable in-door environment while saving money. The trick is to come up with an efficient pre-set schedule during the day. Depending on your daily routines (and thermostat model), you may choose six or even more temperature settings per day. There are digital, electromechanical and mixed system available.…

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Myth Busters: Heating Edition II

February 22, 2021

Heating your home efficiently can be tricky which is why we addressed four heating myths back in February. Now it is time to address myths #5 through #8!     Myth #5: Space Heaters Are an Effective Alternative to Your Furnace   Solely relying on space heaters can become costly during the wintertime, because they…

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Myth Busters: Heating Edition

February 28, 2020

Even though we all heat our homes during the winter, there is still a fair amount of misleading information about how to keep your family cozy in the most efficient way. Let’s bust a couple of these heating myths! Myth #1: Floors and walls are always cold during the winter This may be true in…

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Propane Tanks *oink oink*

October 29, 2019

Propane tanks are often called “pigs” because of the shape of the tank and its short legs.  Some people make this point abundantly clear as you can see from these photos… Now, a lot of people think of pigs as cute and if you think so (or if you think Miss Piggy is cute), you…

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In an Emergency, Doug’s is There!

August 16, 2019

Emergencies have a tendency to happen at the worst time, especially when it’s very hot or very cold out and never during regular business hours. This is why Doug’s Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to offer our 24-Hour Emergency service. We have a special line setup for HVAC emergency situations in order to reach…

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5 Heating Myths Every Home Owner Should Know

February 20, 2019

Myth 1: Reduce monthly heating costs by closing unused room vents. For homes with forced air heating systems, the system balances the air pressure to properly heat your home. Closing vents actually throws this system off and forces your furnace to achieve the same results from adjoining rooms which might make it work even harder.…

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"Just to let you know your crew did a wonderful job.  Very professional and yet friendly.  Extremely knowledgeable and cleaned up everything as if they were never here.  We would recommend Doug’s to anyone."

— Jolene,  Colona, IL

“We had a very courteous estimator. He showed up on time. We couldn’t ask for a nicer guy. He took about 45-minutes or so, but was very thorough.”

— Jim, Coal Valley, IL

“They wear shoe protectors. They’re very careful and courteous with your property.”

— Jim, Coal Valley, IL

“Prompt, courteous, very professional workmanship...they did a very nice job.”

— Jim, Coal Valley, IL

“They came out exactly when they said they would be here.”

— Gloria, Coal Valley, IL

“The service technicians are like friends. They are very courteous to us, and take the time to explain any questions we have.”

— Gloria, Coal Valley, IL

“Actually I searched around to have my geothermal serviced and they were not only one of the first, but they were one of the only ones that knew how to service the geothermal and knew about geothermal.”

— Vicky, Moline, IL

“I felt like they knew exactly what they were doing. They were on time.  That's important to me, because I work.”

— Vicky, Moline, IL

“I would say they were one of the first companies that I could find that can service geothermal heating.”

— Vicky, Moline, IL

“They stand behind what they sell and they’re there for you.”

— Gail, Moline, IL

“They respect our home.”

—Gail, Moline, IL

“We’re just really happy. We call them for everything.”

— Gail, Moline, IL

“I would recommend them over any other heating and air conditioning company in the Quad Cities.”

— Richard, Moline, IL

“They're courteous, they come on time. They come when they say they're gonna come and they get the job done.”

— Richard, Moline, IL

“They are efficient. They are always on time and very friendly staff.”

— Hemispheres Bistro, Bettendorf

“The exhaust system works perfectly. I mean it’s designed really, really well.”

— Hemispheres Bistro, Bettendorf

"We have a NEW Heating & Air Conditioning System from Doug's & we are VERY HAPPY with it."

— John from Moline, IL

"In this crazy mixed up world where most companies are only focused on money it was great to find a company that honestly cares. I can’t say thank you enough for the great customer service we have received!"

— Sarah from Davenport, IA

"Doug's just made our day! They were here within 3 hours to fix our dead furnace, less than an hour after they arrived we have heat! Thanks so much!"

— Ryan from Rock Island, IL

"Please know that Ben was so very pleasant when he serviced our generator. His kindness toward our little 4 year old grandson left quite an impression...who knows, our little guy may decide on a Htg/AC career and come ask you for a job!"

— Carole from East Moline

"I've owned this house for 7 years and the heating system has never worked as well as it does now!"

— Jim from Moline, IL

"I wanted to let you know that Matt was such a nice man while helping us with our estimate!"

— Mary from Sterling, IL

"I want to commend Ben at Doug's Heating and Air Conditioning on his professionalism and courteousness!"

— Connie from Moline, IL