Brace Yourself

Air conditioners have been turned off for a while and the winter season is approaching. We are embracing shorter days by getting used to turning on our lights more. Brace yourself for the annual winter adjustment with the following tips;

• Annually check your heating system to make sure it is ready for the winter.
• Replace your heater’s filter and remove any dust to save energy and maintain parts.
• Consider installing a new heating system if your current system is not running efficiently and produces high monthly utility bills as a consequence.
• Consider installing a set-back thermostat to automatically turn down the heat when you don’t need it and automatically turn it up again when you do.

Leaks and Insulation
• Seal leaks frequently occurring around doors and windows. This can save you up to 15% on your utility bill.
• Check your chimney and fireplace and close the damper to disable any warm air leaving your home.
• Inspect your heating ducks to make sure they aren’t torn, crushed, or flattened. Be cautious closing leaks with duct tape – it usually doesn’t last as long as expected.
• Weather-strip and insulate your access to the attic to avoid unnecessarily heating it up all winter long.

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