4 Simple Steps to Get your AC Ready for the Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and temperatures are rising. It’s about time to make sure your AC is in tiptop condition! Before going through the following steps, please turn off the power to make sure safety is ensured at all times.

Inspect the Outside Unit

Winter can be rough, so make sure the fins of your outside unit are clean. Remove any debris first, and use a tooth brush next to gently brush across the metal fins until they sparkle again. Also inspect the coils and remove any dirt. If the coils are severely soiled, you might need to call a professional air-conditioning cleaner to avoid any damages. The same applies to damaged electrical wiring. Once the unit is clean, make sure the concrete slab is leveled for optimal efficiency.

Inspect the ductwork and air vents

Damaged ducts can raise your electricity bill, so watch out for holes and disconnected joints. Certain ducts can be easily repaired with tape carrying an Underwriters Laboratories logo. When it comes to air vents, make sure they are child proof and not blocked by any furniture of fabric. Also have a look at the condensation line to make sure it’s not blocked, damaged, or dirty.

Inspect the Filter

Filters need to be changed on a regular basis, so chances are good the new season will require a new filter.

Turn it On

Only turning it on for a test run will clearly determine whether your AC is ready for the summer. Let it run for a day to see whether its performance is still satisfactory. If you notice a deterioration compared to last year, check the unit’s age and maintenance schedule. Determining whether a professional maintenance makes more sense money-wise than replacing the unit with a new cost-efficient one is difficult, although your local AC professional will certainly help you out with advice. Additionally ask whether installing a programmable thermostat makes sense in your situation!

 Learn more about additional steps here. Please contact Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning at 309-764-2500 if you have questions, or if you are generally not sure whether certain actions can be performed by a lay without any risk of injury. We are ALWAYS happy to help!