Can an old furnace explode, and how can I tell if my furnace is dying?

Fireworks are fun outside, not so much indoors! Do you have to worry about your furnace causing indoor fireworks? The short answer is, not likely. Heating fires are more often caused by space heaters than furnaces. Modern furnaces have too many safeguards in place, so explosions are not something most people should worry about.

Even if your furnace is unlikely to explode, that does not mean it is necessarily healthy. Hopefully, everything is fine, but it is worth looking for some telltale signs that there could be problems with your furnace to cause it to eventually shut down.

According to Family Handyman, there are a handful of warning signs your furnace is on its last legs. The most obvious sign is if your furnace just stops and starts at random. This might mean you just need to clean a sensor or it could be a sign the fan motor is dying.

Another item to look for is a rusted flue. This could mean dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home and should be inspected immediately. Even if everything looks to be fine, if your heating bills go up unexpectedly when there has not been a rate increase, you should call for an inspection.

The bottom line; you’re unlikely to see indoor fireworks from your furnace, but in this part of the country it’s always worth keeping an eye on your furnace to look for anything out of the ordinary, and it’s worth getting regular inspections.