Furnace Maintenance: What Really Matters

Taking care of your furnace is an important part of having a safe and comfortable home, especially during the upcoming colder months. While it’s best to have professionals inspect or make adjustments to your furnace, there are a few things homeowners can do themselves!

Safety Tip: Before inspecting or cleaning the furnace, make sure the gas line and any electrical circuits connected to the furnace are turned off. It’s important to establish safe working conditions before starting any inspection on your furnace. After the inspection, remember to turn the fuel supply and electric switch back on.

The easiest place to start while inspecting your furnace is with the air filters. In winter, we spend more time inside, making our filters work harder sifting out the pet hair, dander, allergens, and other dust building up around the house. A dirty air filter can heavily strain the furnace, increasing your bill and damaging your equipment. To prevent your furnace from working overtime, we recommend cleaning out and replacing fiberglass air filters every month.

Pro Tip: Fiberglass filters are the most common, affordable filters, but they only filter out basic particles. Pleated filters, on the other hand, are pricier, but have a higher filtering capability and can last up to three months.

Next, check the furnace ducts for any possible leakage. Leaky duct work can increase the amount of dust and other particles circulating your home and so should be occasionally inspected. After cleaning the ducts using a high-powered vacuum cleaner, cover the ducts to stop any air leakage.

Finally, make sure your venting system is in working order. Dirt and other forms of debris can build up and eventually clog your ventilation, cutting off air flow to your house. Prevent this from happening by cleaning your vents with a large brush or vacuum cleaner.

Remember: It’s always nice to do it yourself, but if you’re ever unsure about proper furnace maintenance or cleaning don’t leave it to chance! Call Doug’s Heating and Air Conditioning with any questions or concerns you may have; we are always available and happy to help.