Keeping the Light On

Often times with an older heater or furnace, the pilot light can become a real hassle to keep on.  The pilot light is a small gas flame made up of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas which is used as the ignition source for a bigger, more powerful gas burner such as a furnace.  The pilot light is an important component in many heating mechanisms.  Once the pilot light goes out, it is often difficult to turn and keep it back on.  Therefore, it is important to gain a basic understanding about this ignition source in order to enjoy continued satisfaction with your heater or furnace.

The purpose of the pilot light is simple. It allows a small amount gas to come from the gas pipe to make contact with the gas from the main burner, and in turn provides the flame necessary to ignite the main burner.

To learn more about the basics of how a pilot light works visit, and be sure to call one our heating professionals for assistance.

pilot light