Generator Tips

Helping Rock Island Residents Weather Any Storm with the Comfort of a Generator

The weather in Rock Island, IL can bring power outages any time of the year which is why a generator can be such a valuable investment. If you are a homeowner in Rock Island, IL thinking about adding a generator to your home, there are several factors to keep in mind. Take a look at the list below for some reasons why a generator could bring you peace of mind as well as ways to ensure your generator lasts for years to come.

Shelter from the Elements

First and foremost a generator is designed to kick on within a minute of power loss, automatically. It is always monitoring the connection to your utility power. This saves you from having to go out into a storm.

Keeping those Appliances Running

From refrigerators to oxygen tanks, to freezers and television sets a generator will make sure you don’t lose power to any of your critical appliances during a storm. You won’t lose food, emergency supplies or miss any special weather announcements.


Great for Business Owners

Business owners in Rock Island, IL can truly benefit from a generator because a power outage can severely damage equipment like servers. With a generator you are ensured the security and safety of your most important business tools.

Don’t Forget the Sump Pump

Flood damage is expensive and when the power goes out, so does the sump pump. A generator kicks on within moments of a power outage and will run for days. With a generator you have peace of mind knowing your basement will remain dry during the worst of storms.

Afraid of the Dark?

If you have kids or pets a storm can be traumatic enough. A generator allows the power to remain on, so your life can continue to run as normal, even through the thick of it.

Daniel Sondej, and HVAC Generator Service Technician has been with Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning for 17 years. He began his

career as an installer then moved up to service technician. He is certified through Generac which gives him the ability to perform warranty work.

Daniel says that adding a generator to your home is an extremely smart investment for homeowners in Rock Island, IL. They are designed to keep life going in the event of an outage and can save homeowners money and hassle over time.

Daniel mentioned, “It is important to get your generator serviced annually to maintain battery integrity and make sure small problems do not snowball into larger problems.” Also, it is important to follow service guidelines. For example? Generac recommends a full service after 100 hours of run time. This measure will ensure your generator lasts for years to come.


Daniel genuinely enjoys working with Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning because the business keeps growing and every day brings something new. He also likes taking care of his customers by getting them up and running again. The challenge of the constantly changing business is what has kept him in the field so long.

If you are a homeowner in Rock Island, IL ready to enjoy the piece of mind a generator can provide, please contact Amy, Crystal or Pam at Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning today!