Should I upgrade my furnace?

With the continuing flux in gas prices; many are thinking of upgrading their furnace before the new winter arrives. If you are weighing this decision; be sure to consider these three factors: furnace efficiency, the current cost of fuel, and the “heating load” of your house. This is the amount of energy required for your furnace to assist in maintaining a steady 65-degree temperature indoors.

If you do decide to replace your furnace with a 97 percent efficient system, you’ can cut your heating bills around 20 percent. Here is a simple calculation: add up your fuel bills for your most recent winter season. If you do not have records at home; your gas utility will have those records. Then multiply that sum by 20 percent. Next you divide that sum into the cost of buying and installing your desired new system. This should give you a close figure as to how many years it will take for you to recoup your investment.,,1172040,00.html
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