3 Powerful Benefits of Emergency Generators

In the Midwest, we are no strangers to constantly changing and severe weather. Powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes are quite common and bring flash-floods, debris, and power outages in their wake. What can be an annoying night in the dark for some can be a catastrophic power failure for others which is why an emergency power generator is one of the best ways you can protect yourself in case of a blackout.

Power Important Devices

When the power goes out, the last thing you need is a medical equipment or sump pump failure to compound your problems. Having an emergency generator wired into your home electrical system allows the generator to identify you’ve lost power and continue supplying your home with electricity, all in the matter of seconds. Your generator keeps your sump pump working so your basement stays nice and dry during heavy thunderstorms reducing the potential for home damage. There are also many of us that need important medical equipment to stay healthy, power outages make these homes especially vulnerable. Likewise, if you have a security system installed in your home, power outages can render these unusable. Maintaining a continuous supply of power to this equipment is often a first priority of those purchasing home emergency generators.

Increase Home Value

That’s right, there’s a non-emergency benefit to generators: home value! When you buy a home, you’re investing a lot of money in your future. Having a generator is a great way to protect your current investment and attract buyers should you want to sell in the future. Many insurance and utility companies offer rebates or discounts when you install a generator as well because it means that your home is less likely to be at risk during a disaster.

 Staying Comfortable in Emergencies

It always seems disaster strikes at the worst possible moment, especially when it’s excessively hot or cold out. Losing heat in the dead of winter or air conditioning on a blistering summer day isn’t just annoying, it can be very harmful particularly for small children, the elderly, and pets. A whole-home generator keeps these vital appliances functioning in full form, some even give you enough power to keep your computer or TVs running too! If you’re curious about how to know what size of generator will fit these needs check out our blog here.