How Does Air Conditioning Affect Employee Productivity?

  How does something as simple as turning the temperature down in your office have an impact on the amount of work you get done around the office?   A realtor will tell you it is all about location when purchasing or renting a home. A dentist will tell you in order to avoid cavities, you need to take care of your teeth. We are telling you, to increase and maintain productivity in the workplace; it’s all about keeping the …

Get to Know the Team: Ben Bocox

Today, we would like to introduce one of our most experienced team members, Ben Bocox. Ben is our Service Manager and has been with Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning for 15 years. He graduated from Moline High School and attended Blackhawk College. Ben started his HVAC career working for Holmes Heating and joined the Doug’s team about 2 years later.   “I was looking through the paper on Easter and saw an ad for a service technician position at Doug’s …

Propane Tanks *oink oink*

Propane tanks are often called “pigs” because of the shape of the tank and its short legs.  Some people make this point abundantly clear as you can see from these photos… Now, a lot of people think of pigs as cute and if you think so (or if you think Miss Piggy is cute), you can paint your “pig” that way… We all know family comes first and that counts for pigs, too… And finally, to paraphrase the great football …