4 Reasons to Switch to Mini-Splits

With air conditioning season almost here, many of us are going to be looking for ways to cut energy costs, go green, but more importantly: keep those hot spots nice and cool. While you can always stand in front of your freezer with the door open to stay cool, there is a better way! Mini splits are a great solution for those who want to get away from large, noisy air condition units because they are more efficient, don’t require ductwork, and tend to be much smaller and quieter for their size.

1 – Save Green

Mini-splits can save both money and our ecosystem.  They are very energy efficient when compared to much larger air conditioners or window air conditioning units. Duct losses can account for nearly 30% of energy consumption for cooling or heating a space.  Mini-splits are able to circumvent this loss, because these units do not require ductwork. Energy loss in you duct work is money lost and it means you have to wait longer to reach your ideal room temperature.

2 – The Silent Treatment

Traditional HVAC units can be identified by the clanging and roar they produce both within and outside your home because of their 100% on or 100% off operation. Mini-splits and their air pumps are constantly supplying a flow of air to the activated rooms which means they only draw as much power as is necessary to condition those rooms. This means even at a heavy load, mini-splits are able to operate at a fraction of the volume. Additionally, because there are no long runs of ductwork to push air through, they don’t require noisy blower fans to force air into the room.

3 – Your Comfort, Your Way

Mini-splits can be installed in just one room or multiple rooms depending on your needs. Because individual mini-splits are usually dedicated to one room, you can create temperature zones specific to your preferences and the preferences of other’s in the same house. So, you can set one room for 72° and another for 64° or any combination you imagine!

4 – In and Out Installation

With the lack of duct work, mini-splits can be installed and up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to put in a full air conditioning unit and the supporting ducts. You can also customize your installation to include multiple air handlers, multiple mini-splits and other features to get your ideal comfort level all the time, every time.