Energy-Savings Tips for the Fall and Winter Time

Winter is approaching and turning on the heat is slowly becoming a daily routine. We at Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning have already talked about the importance of Furnace Maintenance in our October blog, so now let’s focus on how to keep your utilities bill low without having to abstain from the cozy warmth.


Keep the heat inside by making sure you home’s insulation is up to date. Check your windows and doors for drafts and consider upgrading to models that seal more efficiently. Energy Star can help you select appropriate products for your place. Learn more about insulation in general here.

Heating Registers

Make sure no objects are blocking the heating registers. Not only would this prevent precious warm air from heating the room; it might also create a fire hazard.


Visiting family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve? Consider lowering the water heater and temperature if you are away for more than three consecutive days.

Sun Light

Open the curtains during the day and let the sun light heat your home, but close your blinds and curtains during the night to create a barrier against the cold.

Programmable Thermostat

Manually adjusting the heat before going to bed and after waking up can be cumbersome. A programmable thermostat can help you set up a daily heating routine that fits your needs. It could automatically reduce heat 30 minutes after you went to bed and automatically increase heat 30 minutes prior to getting up. The same applies if nobody is at home all days.

Filter Maintenance

Change your filter on a regular basis as dirty ones won’t work efficiently and waste precious energy.

Ceiling Fans

Run your ceiling fans in reverse to get rising hot air back to where it truly matters. This primarily works if you have high ceilings.

Find more information below and don’t hesitate to call Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning if you have any questions.