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Programmable Thermostats (Opportunities and Limitations)

Programmable thermostats are known to help create a comfortable in-door environment while saving money. The trick is to come up with an efficient pre-set schedule during the day. Depending on your daily routines (and thermostat model), you may choose six or even more temperature settings per day. There are digital, electromechanical and mixed system available. We recommend the digital one for tech-savvy individuals who appreciate a variety of setting. The electromechanical thermostat offers fewer features, but it is easier to …
Air Quality

How to Prevent Negative Impacts of Dry Winter Air on Your Family and Home

Your loved ones are most likely to suffer from the consequences of dry air in semi-arid climates and during the cold of winter when the furnace’s heat eradicates most of the humidity. The latter, especially impacts most Quad Cities Area households. Dry air may… Cause sore throats and dry skin which may be confused with COVID-19. Trigger itchy eyes, increasing the risk of catching infections by rubbing the eyes. Make you more susceptible to catching cold and flu viruses according …
Energy Efficiency

Energy-Savings Tips for the Fall and Winter Time

Winter is approaching and turning on the heat is slowly becoming a daily routine. We at Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning have already talked about the importance of Furnace Maintenance in our October blog, so now let’s focus on how to keep your utilities bill low without having to abstain from the cozy warmth. Insulation Keep the heat inside by making sure you home’s insulation is up to date. Check your windows and doors for drafts and consider upgrading to …
Energy Efficiency

Air Conditioning Thermostat Tips

There are many ways to reduce your energy bill, but one of the easiest and quickest ways is to optimize your air conditioning thermostat habit. It may be comfortable to leave your thermostat setting at 70 degrees all day – who doesn’t want to come home to a cool house? But nobody wants to pay higher bills than necessary, either. Turning back your thermostat by approximately 9 degrees every time you leave your home for at least 8 hours can …
Money Saving Tips

Can Resetting Thermostat Save You Money?

By resetting the thermostat in a household while you are away from your house or asleep, you can really save some money by the end of the season. Just by simply reducing your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees while you sleep or when you are away from your house during the winter can save you anywhere from 5% to 15% on your energy costs per year. Not only are you reducing your energy costs, but you are also reducing your …
Energy Efficiency

Ever leave for vacation and forget to set your thermostat?

Everyone hates not knowing if they forgot to turn something off when they go on vacation. Luckily, Doug’s carries remote control Honeywell Thermostats! The remote control Honeywell Thermostat allows you to control your heating and cooling systems from anywhere and at anytime. You can do all of that through a free app download. All you need is your PC, smart phone, or tablet to do so. Now all you snowbirds can relax in peace with the comfort of knowing you …