How to Prevent Negative Impacts of Dry Winter Air on Your Family and Home

Your loved ones are most likely to suffer from the consequences of dry air in semi-arid climates and during the cold of winter when the furnace’s heat eradicates most of the humidity. The latter, especially impacts most Quad Cities Area households.

Dry air may…

  • Cause sore throats and dry skin which may be confused with COVID-19.
  • Trigger itchy eyes, increasing the risk of catching infections by rubbing the eyes.
  • Make you more susceptible to catching cold and flu viruses according to the Sinai School of Medicine.
  • Damage walls, woodwork and hardwood floors.
  • Increase your energy bill, because dry air makes you feel colder.


Installing a humidifier like the Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier is an effective way to lower the risks of dry air. It will regulate humidity levels to:


  • Improve your family’s health.
  • Protect your home and furniture.
  • Increase comfort and energy efficiency.


Aprilaire’s home humidifiers are small, quiet and easy to maintain. They measure both outdoor and indoor temperatures to figure out the perfect amount of humidity.  You can even integrate them into existing heating and cooling systems. Some other features include:


  • An Automatic digital control with display and humidity indicators which can be mounted on your current heating system.
  • A wall-mounted digital display humidistat for easier access.
  • Wi-Fi control of indoor air quality with IAQ controls.
  • Customization of humidifier solutions and integration of the elements above.
  • Humidifiers are engineered and manufactured in the United States.



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