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2021 Home Improvements

Stimulus checks and tax returns will allow some of us to upgrade our homes, which is why the team at Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning collected some ideas for small and big spenders.   Air Quality Investing into clean air for you and your loved ones is the most affordable solution. You may consider air scrubbers, air purifiers, air cleaners, germicidal UVC light and even humidifiers. We recommend conducting an air audit to assess your situation. Investing into better air …
Air Quality

How to Prevent Negative Impacts of Dry Winter Air on Your Family and Home

Your loved ones are most likely to suffer from the consequences of dry air in semi-arid climates and during the cold of winter when the furnace’s heat eradicates most of the humidity. The latter, especially impacts most Quad Cities Area households. Dry air may… Cause sore throats and dry skin which may be confused with COVID-19. Trigger itchy eyes, increasing the risk of catching infections by rubbing the eyes. Make you more susceptible to catching cold and flu viruses according …

Insulation: Out With The Old, In With The New

If you have a high energy bill or have a problem controlling your home’s temperature there’s a good chance it’s time to replace your insulation. Insulation has many benefits for your home. First, insulation regulates your home’s temperature. Having the right type of insulation and installing it properly will ensure your house stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Needless to say, this helps reduce your energy bills! If your house is well insulated, the cold or …

Importance of Insulated Basements

When basements are insulated properly they can save you money on heating while providing a comfortable living area. For the most part a basement, with insulated exterior walls should be considered a conditioned space. However, even in a house with an unconditioned basement, the basement is more connected to other living spaces than to the outside, which makes basement wall insulation preferable to ceiling insulation. Adding insulation on the exterior of the basement walls will: • Reduce heat loss through …