2021 Home Improvements

Stimulus checks and tax returns will allow some of us to upgrade our homes, which is why the team at Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning collected some ideas for small and big spenders.


Air Quality

Investing into clean air for you and your loved ones is the most affordable solution. You may consider air scrubbers, air purifiers, air cleaners, germicidal UVC light and even humidifiers. We recommend conducting an air audit to assess your situation. Investing into better air makes most sense for individuals with asthma and other medical conditions.


Emergency Generators

Emergency generators can cost between $4,000 and $6,000 plus installation and there are three distinct benefits to owning one:


  • They power crucial devices like sump pumps, freezers and medical devices.
  • They increase your home value.
  • They allow you to better deal with emergency situations by focusing on the well-being of your family.



Upgrading your insulation makes sense when you want to save money in the long run. We recommend considering spray foam insulation which is waterproof, easy to install and versatile in its usage.



The priciest home upgrade to consider is geothermal installation. There are several factors to consider. Geothermal does not emit emissions and is the most environmentally friendly way of regulating your home’s temperatures. While the initial installation cost is high, maintenance and long-term savings may make the investment worthwhile. We recommend talking to one of our specialists to determine if geothermal truly makes sense for you.

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