Making Your Home Energy-efficient

home_sweet_homeWith the very changing prices of our energy resources, everyone wants to know how they can save money on their bill. Here are just a few of many tips to help keep your home more energy efficient:

– Try setting your programmable thermostat as high as you can consider comfortable this summer, as well as setting it as low as is comfortable in the winter season. Your system has to work harder maintaining a level of temperature that is greatly lower or higher from the outdoors. The end goal for your home cooling and heating is for comfort. Don’t make your system “sweat” the situation.
– Don’t forget that even your air conditioner has a filter; and these also need regular cleaning and/or replacement. A dirty clogged up filter will also make your system have to work harder. Not to mention leaving it “gasping for air”.
– Be sure to turn off any kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans after 20 minutes of use. You can also look into replacing your current models with newer high-efficiency ones with lower noise capabilities. When it comes to energy efficiency; your really can prevent a “blow out”.

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