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Programmable Thermostats (Opportunities and Limitations)

Programmable thermostats are known to help create a comfortable in-door environment while saving money. The trick is to come up with an efficient pre-set schedule during the day. Depending on your daily routines (and thermostat model), you may choose six or even more temperature settings per day. There are digital, electromechanical and mixed system available. We recommend the digital one for tech-savvy individuals who appreciate a variety of setting. The electromechanical thermostat offers fewer features, but it is easier to …
Energy Efficiency

Myth Busters: Heating Edition II

Heating your home efficiently can be tricky which is why we addressed four heating myths back in February. Now it is time to address myths #5 through #8!     Myth #5: Space Heaters Are an Effective Alternative to Your Furnace   Solely relying on space heaters can become costly during the wintertime, because they are less efficient than a gas furnace. They are even less affordable than a wood-heated fire in most cases. This does not mean there is …

Negative Impacts of Dry Winter Air on Your Family and Home

There are several ways to prepare for the fall and winter cold. This is definitely the time to schedule an annual check on your heating system.  Those of you with older units may want to consider replacing your current unit to gain efficiency. Others can do an energy audit to determine the best way forward. While you are checking your furnace, also take a look at the insulation in your home. Efficient insulation keeps your home warmer for a longer …
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In an Emergency, Doug’s is There!

Emergencies have a tendency to happen at the worst time, especially when it’s very hot or very cold out and never during regular business hours. This is why Doug’s Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to offer our 24-Hour Emergency service. We have a special line setup for HVAC emergency situations in order to reach our on-call emergency technicians. Give us a call at 309-764-2500, follow the phone instructions and our technicians will be able to get back to you, …