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Energy Efficiency

Myth Busters: Heating Edition II

Heating your home efficiently can be tricky which is why we addressed four heating myths back in February. Now it is time to address myths #5 through #8!     Myth #5: Space Heaters Are an Effective Alternative to Your Furnace   Solely relying on space heaters can become costly during the wintertime, because they are less efficient than a gas furnace. They are even less affordable than a wood-heated fire in most cases. This does not mean there is …

Get to Know the Team: Ben Bocox

Today, we would like to introduce one of our most experienced team members, Ben Bocox. Ben is our Service Manager and has been with Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning for 15 years. He graduated from Moline High School and attended Blackhawk College. Ben started his HVAC career working for Holmes Heating and joined the Doug’s team about 2 years later.   “I was looking through the paper on Easter and saw an ad for a service technician position at Doug’s …

Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles can be summed up with three words: exceptional customer service. Even back in 2001, Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning recognized the need for contractors whose main concern is to make you satisfied and happy. Have a look at one of our very first commercials. Now fast forward to 2020. We are still committed to excellent customer service as you can see in one of our more recent commercials. To make sure we won’t ever lose sight of …