Air Conditioner Tips and Myths

Although air conditioners do contribute significantly to our well-being during the hot summer days, many people don’t know how to use them properly. Misleading myths are one of the reasons for this. We took it upon ourselves to debunk three of them.


Myth 1: Setting the temperature significantly lower than you really want it will cool a warm room much faster.

Fact: No matter the setting, the room cools down at a rather constant rate. Simply set your desired temperature to avoid high-energy costs due to rooms being cooler than necessary.

Myth 2: The bigger the air conditioner unit, the better it cools.

Fact: Indeed, a bigger unit does cool down your room faster; however, the downside is that the air will feel “clammy”, because there is not enough time for proper dehumidification; an important part of the cooling process.

Myth 3: Leaving the air conditioner turned on all day long saves energy.

Fact: This habit will result in a high energy bill; turning the air conditioner on and off more frequently (during work or grocery shopping) is much more efficient.


The moral of the story: inform yourself and never hesitate to ask Doug’s for advice!

Myths and Facts opposition written on whiteboard