Air Scrubbers – Protecting your Home from Germs and Bacteria

Installing an Air Scrubber is a quick and effective way to keep out germs and bacteria. Here are some of the immediate benefits:

  • Air Scrubbers protect vulnerable populations with allergies or weak immune systems. They help reduce dust and irritants to prevent sneezing or runny noses. This again limits any sickness from spreading within your home – a crucial factor when working from home.
  • Air Scrubbers reduce contaminants you introduce to your home every time you open the door. Germs and bacteria attached to your clothes or hands are likely transmitted to doorknobs, countertops and other common surfaces. Making sure ventilated air is being cleaned is therefore crucial.
  • Air Scrubbers deodorizes your home after burning dinner, lighting candles, nicotine use, or doing some spring cleaning!
  • By reducing the amount of dust in your home, Air Scrubbers extend the life of your HVAC system which will reduce the likelihood of repairs or early replacements.

We currently offer the Aerus Air Scrubber which was developed by great minds who produce equipment used for NASA’s space exploration. Their ActivePure® Technology is scientifically proven to clean and purify your home using proprietary light waves along with a specialized catalytic process.

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