Does energy efficiency matter?

Yes, it does! Energy efficiency not only makes sure your utility bills remain as low as possible, it also has far reaching implications for the environment and the future of our kids.

Energy efficiency starts with the production of energy. Energy plants use coal, gas, sun, or water to produce energy. Making sure they produce the most energy with the least amount of resources makes sure natural resources will last for generations to come and decrease the price of energy. Even environmentally friendly solar power plants require scarce resources which need to be harvested, transported, and processed using energy consuming procedures (silicon). This side of energy efficiency is complex and difficult to impact.

Our homes require especially large amounts of energy to keep us cool during the summer and warm during the winter. We use electricity by utilizing the microwave, washer, lights and we heat water for our shower. Doing all of this efficiently reduces our energy consumption, reduces emissions and lowers our bills. We are directly connected to the plants producing the energy and while we might not be able to adjust efficiency at its power plant source, we are certainly able to do so in our home.

ENERGY STAR provides numerous ways on how to make your home more energy efficient. Prevent heat and cold air from unintentionally streaming outside by isolating your attic hatch and doors. Seal air leaks with spray foam and caulk. Consider purchasing ENERGY STAR certified appliances, including TVs, sound systems, and washing machines. The same applies to electric heat pumps and HVAC systems. The greatest impact in the long term is educating yourself about these possibilities and reading about how a change of habit can save up to 20% of energy (and money), so have a look at and contact Doug’s Heating and Air Conditioning if you have any questions, because energy efficiency and creating a sustainable environment for our children is very much at our heart!