Electrical Safety Tips for Children

May is Electrical safety month and here is a friendly reminder. Electricity is a necessity and readily available convenience in and around almost any house.  And while it is also a safe option, it is important that you understand and follow safe practices to ensure that you and especially your children continue to enjoy the amenities that electricity provides.  The following are guidelines which can help provide a safe atmosphere around electricity.

Inside the home

  • Never poke at or touch electrical outlets
  • If in or around wet surfaces such as a shower or bathtub, abstain from touching anything electrical
  • Never play with electrical cords, switches or wires

Outside the home

  • When outdoors, stay away form electrical wires or equipment while playing as well as posted signs which read: “Warning: High Voltage”
  • Climb trees that are away from power lines and never climb utility poles or transmission towers.
  • Do not throw objects at power wires or utility poles

Electrical Safety Month