The future is here and it’s mini! Mini-splits or ductless units are small and convenient, which makes them the perfect climate control choice for many situations. Unlike your regular heating and air-conditioning unit, mini-split setups for outdoor and indoor units only require a 3 inch hole cut in the building. Due to its versatility in location, the outdoor unit can be placed as much as 50 ft away from the evaporator and this allows for a convenient or an out of sight location for the compressor.

Because mini-split systems are ductless, they will save you money! Ducts, especially the ones located in locations that are not climate controlled (basements), lose up to 30% of energy due to a lack of insulation. This inefficiency costs!

Mini-splits also offer a variety of different styles and location flexibility. Units can be installed on ceilings, walls, or as standing floor models. Most of the units are about seven inches deep and controlled by remote control for user convenience. Not only do mini-splits allow for a more efficient way to cool or heat up your house, but it also improves home security. Because the hole for the unit is only about 3 inches, intruders cannot use them to gain access to the house, unlike through-wall and window units, which allow easy access to your home.

Mini-splits are becoming the heating and cooling unit of the future. Their ability to save buyers money in the long-run, their convenience, and improvement of home safety are just some of the reasons people are starting to use these types of units.