Importance of Sealed Air Ducts

The body’s vascular system ensures the proper flow of blood through your body. Air ducts have a similar function for your house, as they ensure the proper flow of air. Insufficiently sealed air ducts result in a loss of heated or cooled air and inevitable high energy bills. A leaking duct in the attic can cost you hundreds of dollars a year.

You can seal smaller leaks on your own by using duct mastic tape. But be aware of their limitations. Duct mastic cannot be used for leaks bigger than a quarter inch; using the wrong kind of tape can even further damage the air duct. Additionally, insulating ducts always influences the surrounding area and can cause unexpected and dangerous events such as freezing water pipes.

Request the help of a Doug’s professional to sort through the numerous repair options. Ask us for vapor barriers to prevent moisture condensation, and ask for carbon monoxide monitors if you have a fuel-burning furnace. Make sure your house’s vascular system is in good shape for many years to come.

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