Indoor odors – where is that coming from?

We all know the smell of leftovers forgotten in the fridge for a week? Just imagine your entire place would suddenly start to smell funny, yet you are completely certain you’re innocent this time.

Common reasons behind smell are humidity, lack of fresh air and chemicals. Many people aren’t even aware of a drop in what is frequently described as “indoor air quality”, but they often notice symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath and tiredness.

These symptoms can be caused by:
– Moisture damage after flooding or heavy rain
– Construction activities
– Contaminated air (sewer issues, neighbors)
– Lack of ventilation

There is no quick test to determine whether the indoor air quality is sub-optimal or not. Ruling out potential causes is certainly a useful methodology, though. In many cases, a lack of ventilation caused by air conditioning issues can be the culprit and simple remedies such as replacing the air filter can create instant relief. Sometimes, upgrading an old unit might be more beneficial in the long run. Every situation is unique.

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