Keeping Cool with a Mini Split

Mini Splits are part of the ductless family of systems. They provide a variety of benefits ranging from home security to energy efficiency. Here are some highlights.

1. Convenience

Mini Split systems do not require any ductwork. They can be installed relatively quickly. You can start with one and add others in different rooms later. This also helps budget expenses and allows you to be more flexible when it comes to prioritizing which rooms require cooling the most.

2. Flexibility

Being able to relocate Mini Splits is more relevant than ever, because it helps adjust to new circumstances. You may have turned a guest room into a home office or your college student returned home for a term.

3. Sound

Rooms used for nurseries or as a home office need to be quiet. Contrary to what many people believe, Mini Splits do not make much noise. Some run at around 20 decibels compared to 40 decibels generated by window air conditioners.

4. Air Quality

Certain units pull contaminants, allergens, dust and more from the air. This is an added benefit for family members with allergies. They also counter mold by pulling moisture from the air. Check out this blog for more information on our air quality services.

5. Affordable

Not using ducts reduces efficiency losses through duct leaks. Because you do not have to cool unused rooms as you may do with central air, Mini Splits are surprisingly affordable.

6. Security

Another benefit is the security aspect. Window units make it easier for intruders to enter your home, so switching to Mini Splits completely eliminates this risk.

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