What are the most common indoor air pollutants?

Itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sore throat; these are things we expect to happen because of allergies when we’re outside. However, when you start to feel this way when you’re inside the comfort of your own home, it is time to figure out what is happening. Your body will thank you later!

Turns out, you might have more than pollen particles floating around your home to blame for your allergies and other health issues. Here are some of the most common air pollutants found inside homes:



This is a natural material found in flame-resistant fabrics, along with building materials due to its ability to be able to withstand high temperatures. These materials include car parts, tiles, cement, textiles, adhesives, plastics and felt. For more examples and in-depth descriptions for each one, visit Asbestos.com.


Biological Pollutants

Mother nature’s contribution to indoor air pollutants includes all the classic causes for allergies: pollens, mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria, as well as pets. Please visit the EPA website for more information on health effects and causes.


Carbon Monoxide

This air pollutant is one of the more serious particles inside your home, because it is undetectable and can kill you even before knowing what happens. The effects can range anywhere from chest pain and fatigue, to impaired vision. There are many causes for a carbon monoxide leak and those include gas stoves, car exhaust from attached garages, furnaces and chimneys with a continuous leak.



This substance is all around us every day of our lives. It has many uses including construction agents and building support.  It can also inactivate viruses which cause disease and extend the shelf-life of products. This pollutant is dangerous when it is inhaled or exposed in unregulated or unapproved materials.



They are used to control unwanted guests inside and outside of our home. Even if they are intended for outside use only, they stubbornly make their way indoors. These guests include rodents, insects, termites, fungi and microbes (attach link to “microbes”). They can be tracked back inside our home by leaving containers and bottles of pesticides in storage areas where they can leak.  Pesticides can also be tracked inside by our pets, our shoes or when left in common areas of our homes. For more health effects, please visit this website.


Air Purifier

Our April Aire air purifier will clear indoor space with its impressive technology and can clean more than one room at a time! They are built to last which will save you from having to make service calls.